The Abstracted Landscape
Peter Bialobrzeski, Stephane Couturier, DoDo Jin Ming, Toshio Shibata

Laurence Miller is pleased to present, as its opening show for the fall, The Abstracted Landscape, featuring the work of four midcareer international artists:  Peter Bialobrzeski, from Hamburg; Stephane Couturier, from Paris; DoDo Jin Ming from Beijing and New York; and Toshio Shibata, from Tokyo.

These four photographers each translate the landscape into a poetic and abstract vision, utilizing techniques and processes unique to photography to create scenes that remain sufficiently recognizable yet unobtainable through the naked eye. Peter Bialobrzeski, in his series Lost in Transition, photographs rapid urbanization and industrialization by taking very long exposures, which create other-worldly colors and lighting not visible to the naked eye.  Stephane Couturier embraces the camera’s monocularity in his series from Havana to flatten our normal reading of space and render totally ambiguous the walls of a decaying interior. DoDo Jin Ming, in her series Behind My Eyes, applies the technique of negative printing to render mysterious and foreboding fields of sunflowers.  And Toshio Shibata wields his large view camera, with multiple tilts and swings, to look straight down the side of a dam, creating a vertigo-inducing  viewpoint we would be unable (and perhaps unwilling) to see directly with our own eyes.

Abstraction in the landscape has a rich tradition within the history of photography. Felix Teynard’s Egyptian views from the mid-1850’s are wonderfully abstract, as are those of J.B. Greene and August Salzmann. Timothy O’Sullivan, Carlton Watkins and William Henry Jackson each made views of the American west from the 1806’s through the 1880’s, that were equally rich in detail and minimal in composition. In the 20th century there are many examples, from George Seeley to Paul Strand, through Moholy Nagy and the Bauhaus to Edward Weston’s glorious sand dunes.


(click image for detail view)

Toshio Shibata
Kashima Town
Fukushima Prefecture, 1990

20 x 24" silver print, edition 25 




DoDo Jin Ming
Pyramids, Egypt, 1996

12 silver prints, mounted to 55.5 x 59.5"
Edition 10


Stephane Couturier

Proctor Valley No. 1, 2004
49 x 87.5" digital c-print, edition 5

DoDo Jin Ming
Free Element, Plate XXX, 2002

29.5 x 39.5" silver print, edition 10





Toshio Shibata
Otaki Vallage
Nagano Prefecture
, 2005
50 x 40" c-print, edition 8



Toshio Shibata
Grand Coulee Dam
Douglas County, WA, 1996
50 x 40" silver print, # AP



Stephane Couturier
Olympic Parkway No. 1, 2001
25.75 x 48.25" c-print, # AP




Peter Bialobrzeski
Transition # 20, 2005

59.5 x 49.5" c-print, edition 10


Peter Bialobzeski
Transition # 33, 2005

59.5 x 49.5" c-print, edition 10



Peter Bialobrzeski
Case Study Huts, Manila, 2008

Six 11 x 14" c-prints, edition 9


DoDo Jin Ming
Behind My Eyes
2nd Movement, Plate VII, 2004
50.75 x 40.5" digital c-print, edition 10





DoDo Jin Ming
Behind My Eyes
2nd Movement, Plate IX, 2004
63 x 49" digital c-print, edition 10

Stephane Couturier
Havana, Mur No. 1, 2005
52.5 x 43.75" c-print, edition 8



Peter Bialobrzeski
Heimat 19, Allgau, 2003
51 x 65" c-print, edition 5




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