Larry Burrows
      Ammunition Airlift into Besieged Khesanh, 1968

 Larry Burrows

When the helicopter carrying Larry Burrows was lost over Laos on February 10, 1971 the Burrows family lost a husband and father, and the world lost perhaps the most poetic visual chronicler of the war in Vietnam. Yet before he became so involved with the American involvement in Southeast Asia, Burrows had proven himself as an enormously accomplished photographer, making portraits ranging from young sumo wrestlers in training to candid shots of Winston Churchill. 

Larry Burrows photographs are widely published, most notably in two extraordinary books, Larry Burrows Compassionate Photographer by the Editors of Life, and more recently Larry Burrows Vietnam, which won the 2002 Prix Nadar as the Best Photography book of the year in 2005. 


 Gallery Exhibitions

    Larry Burrows: A Tribute   November 7 - December 21, 2013

    Larry Burrows: War & Peace  Mar 10 - Apr 30, 2005


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