Burk Uzzle, Desert Prada, Texas, 2005

         Desert Prada, Texas, 2005
Burk Uzzle, just Add Water
Artist book
Just Add Water

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Burk Uzzle

Burk Uzzle grew up in the south, began working at the age of 14, got his first full-time job as a photographer at age 17, became LIFE’s youngest contract photographer at age 23, and has twice been elected president of Magnum. In spite of, or because of, his intrepid nature—he has traveled throughout American and Europe many times—he has said it is the small towns and ordinary places that interest him most. His unique view of the persons, places and oddities that define the singular and diverse character of America fills five monographs; Progress Report on America, Chrysler Museum, 1992; All American, Aperture, 1985; Landscapes, Magnum, 1973; A Family Named Spot, Five Ties, 2006; and his first book of color photographs, Just Add Water, Five Ties, 2007. Vicki Goldberg's essay for Just Add Water contains an apt description of Uzzle's approach to picture-making:

He’s conducted a visual love affair with America for years.Uzzle likes her funny face and doesn’t want her to change a hair for him. He sympathizes with her bad moods, her tragedies, her rather glaring imperfections, her obstreperous beauty, her unlikely aspirations. He is as fond of, and amused by, a bush having a really bad hair day at the side of the road as he is of a tree that ate a bicycle and couldn’t digest it.


Selected Images


Red Hamburgers, California, 2006
30 x 40" c-print, edition 10


Sex Pit, Alabama, 2006
30 x 40" c-print, edition 10


Black Barn, North Carolina, 2007
30 x 40" c-print, edition 10


Woodstock, 1969
10 x 8" vintage silver print



Woodstock (couple), 1969
20 x 30" carbon print, edition 10

Woodstock, 1969
10 x 8" vintage silver print



Shoe Tree
Nevada, 2003
30 x 40" silver print


Shrub Car
South Carolina, 2000
20 x 24" silver print



Wow Cows
Vermont, 2003
30 x 40" silver print

Gallery Exhibitions


     Burk Uzzle: Burned    January 12 - March 31, 2012


    Burk Uzzle: Just Add Water - America in Color  Sept. 6 - Oct. 27, 2007





Burk Uzzle | Just Add Water
by Michael Killeen   10/10/07

We're back on a road trip through America with Burk Uzzle... His current exhibition at the Laurence Miller Gallery in New York takes its title, "Just Add Water," from a photograph of a Texas dock, ready with water slide, patio furniture and barrel barbeque, standing high above a farmer's drained pond... Uzzle captures incongruities but doesn't play up the bizarre. Naturally occurring eccentricities, in a landscape, roadside or interiors, are welcomed... View exhibition

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