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Christopher Rauschenberg has been a curator since 1975 and as a result he often finds himself in artist’s studios. He has created his own photographic body of work that documents what he describes as the “delightful conjunctions of objects and images in those studios – 2 and 3 dimensional collages that both create and result from the powerful artistic charge that is the lifeblood of an artist’s studio”. Rauschenberg brings a similar eye to his color photographs of markets, museum and street scenes. Disparate groupings of images and objects share space in his often collage like photographs. These juxtapositions are reminiscent of his father Robert Rauschenberg’s free-wheeling combinations and democratic eye that treated all subjects as worthy of inclusion.

Chris Rauschenberg was born in New York City in 1951 to parents Robert Rauschenberg and Susan Weil. He has practiced photographic art since 1951. He received a BA from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and taught photography and art from 1982-1996. In 1995 he organized the Portland Grid Project, a systemic exploration of Portland, Oregon by a dozen artists. Christopher Rauschenberg has been the subject of 105 solo shows as well as many group exhibitions. In 1997-1998 he revisited the sites of 500 Eugene Atget photos in Paris and rephotographed them. He is a co-founder of Photo-Lucida, Co-Op Nine Gallery, and Blue Sky Gallery. His work is in the collection of 11 major museums.