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"What is important is how he experienced the things he photographed. He had a profound and highly developed sense of the abstraction-space. He treated space with its elements, line, plane, and form with the selfless eye of the true artist. He seemed to intuitively know that space did not exist in the mind though it was apprehended by the mind. It did not exist in objects although it appeared to inhere in objects. It was a form of perception, a force. Like all forces he recognized its non-personal, non-material, and universal character."

-Wynn Bullock, 1971
(from the portfolio's introductory essay)


A portfolio of 10 mounted prints published by Witkin-Berley Ltd. in 1971. Printed by Cole Weston. Variably sized prints on 14 x 17 inch mounts. With a foreword by Cole Weston and an introduction by Wynn Bullock. Edition #38/50