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Simone Rosenbauer Like Ice in the Sunshine

Simone Rosenbauer
Like Ice in the Sunshine Nº 8
Archival Pigment Print

Elyssa Goodman, writing for Hyperallergic, says "In the Laurence Miller Gallery booth, is Simone Rosenbauer’s series Like Ice in the Sunshine (2014), for which she photographed several melting popsicles and ice cream treats neatly placed on solid pastel backgrounds. I smile, seeing in them the convergence of childhood and adulthood, the way we try to make something clean when it’s really meant to be messy and enjoyed as such. Rosenbauer teaches me in creamy, melting color how we bring our own experiences to every image, and how a still life sometimes offers us more of a space for projection because the photographed object has no voice to battle with our own."