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Photo of the Week #104

Anastasia Samoylova

Anastasia Samoylova, The Tea Room (Vizcaya Gardens), 2017 From the series FloodZone

Anastasia Samoylova, The Tea Room (Vizcaya Gardens), 2017
From the series FloodZone


August 31, 2020
Anastasia Samoylova's series FloodZone is an ongoing photographic project focused on the impacts of rising sea levels in South Florida.

The Tea Room seen here is part of Villa Vizcaya, a palatial estate built by the industrialist James Deering on Biscayne Bay near Miami. Completed in 1922 it almost immediately suffered damages in the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926. Perched on the edge of the lush tropical coastline, the estate's iconic villa and gardens have become a bellwether for the steadily rising tides in South Florida.

Samoylova examines pictorially the ways that Miami's history of luxury development increasingly intersects with rising waters and climate change.