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Photo of the Week #112

Harold Jones

Harold Jones Frances Photographing in Sabino Canyon, 1979

Frances Photographing in Sabino Canyon, 1979
Pen and ink on gelatin silver print


October, 26 2020
I am pleased to announce our representation of Harold Jones with this marvelous photograph that exemplifies the intelligence, knowledge, precision and humor that Harold has brought to each of the many chapters in his extraordinary career, including Associate Curator at the The George Eastman House; Founding Director, LIGHT Gallery; and Founding Director, The Center For Creative Photography. I was most fortunate to be hired by Harold in 1974 to join the team at LIGHT.

This delicately hand painted photograph feels so contemporary, as artists freely mix media and technology with increasing fluidity and freedom. But what I enjoy most is that it harkens back to the first years of photography, in the early 1840’s, when many portrait photographers added to the mirrored surface of their pictures a little touch of color to the cheeks of their clients, to further the realism of their magical Daguerreotypes.
Please take a look at this beautiful selection of Harold’s work, spanning over several decades