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Photo of the Week #12

Dodo Jin Ming

Dodo Jin Ming: The Sky Inside II, 2013

Dodo Jin Ming: The Sky Inside II, 2013


December 5, 2018
Over 180 years ago, the English scientist William Henry Fox Talbot discovered a way to preserve a camera-made image on a sheet of light sensitized paper, which he called a "photogenic drawing." Though the image was reversed, appearing as a negative, the process was quickly embraced and soon evolved to yield a positive image...what we would commonly call today a "photograph."
With digital tools that were unimaginable as recently as thirty years ago, contemporary artists such as Dodo Jin Ming have greatly explored and amplified the possibilities of the negative image. 

Jin Ming has written of this work:
"My pictures reflect how I feel about the world around me. 
They are more pictures of nature than of the landscape. 
 They are metaphors not description.  
They are like poetry and music. 
 This is my journey, through darkness to find a way."