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Photo of the Week #130

Luca Campigotto

Luca Campigotto Tonlé Sap Lake Nº1, Cambodia, 2006

Tonlé Sap Lake Nº1, Cambodia, 2006

Luca Campigotto Tonlé Sap Lake Nº2, Cambodia, 2006

Tonlé Sap Lake Nº2, Cambodia, 2006


March 1, 2021
“These photographs were taken in the middle of The Tonlé Sap Great Lake, in Cambodia. I had travelled there in August, during the wet season when the lake expands its size up to five times. The two photographs were taken a few minutes apart, showing the changing light as a monsoon appeared on the horizon. My young guide, who couldn't have been more than ten years old, insisted that he had to row our canoe to shore immediately.”
-Luca Campigotto