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Photo of the Week # 141

Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg Photem Series I Nº31, 1991

Robert Rauschenberg
Photem Series I Nº31, 1991
Three gelatin silver prints mounted to aluminum
47 × 23"
Edition 2 of 5

Courtesy of Pace Gallery
© 2021 Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Over the years, I have had many great conversations with curators, collectors, and artists about the development of contemporary photography — Robert Rauschenberg's name comes up quite often as someone who gave permission to photography to be more than a moment frozen in time.

I recently mentioned this notion to Christopher Rauschenberg who agreed that it is valuable to look at his father as a photographer, rather than just as an artist who used photography alongside other media. Chris summed it up nicely, saying "I think that photography was philosophically at the center of his artistic explorations."

Laurence Miller Gallery is pleased to offer one of Robert's "Photems", which is a fine example of his ability to combine a seemingly infinite array of images and objects, synthesizing them into his own unique vision. 

This past week marked the anniversary of Robert's passing in May 2008 — we honor Robert's memory as a great artist who invited us to approach the medium of photography as freely and creatively as he did.

-Larry Miller