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Photo of the Week #144

Peter Bialobrzeski

Peter Bialobrzeski Heimat 29, Nordsee, 2003

Peter Bialobrzeski , Heimat 29, Nordsee, 2003


"Bialobrzeski cites both Caspar David Friedrich and Joel Sternfeld as influences for this series of massively scaled photographs and he strikes an ideal balance between romanticism and idealism. His subject is Heimat, a nostalgic notion of the German homeland, which was tainted by the Nazis. Bialobrzeski attempts to rescue it from kitsch and xenophobia in these broad, low-slung, and shamelessly beautiful vistas of snowy mountains, verdant hills, and busy beaches. People, often quite tiny, are visible in all these spaces, and their humble presence gives an abstract idea a spark of soul."

June, 2006