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Photo of the Week #162

David Douglas Duncan

Black and white photo of Pablo Picasso working in his studio in Villa La Californie, Cannes, France, 1957

Pablo Picasso, Villa La Californie, Cannes, France, 1957
Gelatin silver print
Signed and inscribed March 23, 1985


October  11, 2021

Having just celebrated my 73rd birthday, and browsing through some of the unusual pictures that have entered my life, there is something special about being remembered in the company of Pablo Picasso and Larry Burrows.
Three Cheers,

David Douglas Duncan was a photojournalist who enlisted in the Marine Corps after Pearl Harbor and worked as a combat photographer during WWII. His wartime photography earned him a job at LIFE where he went on to cover a number of conflicts—including the Vietnam War alongside his friend and colleague Larry Burrows, whom we have frequently exhibited since 1985.
In 1956 Duncan was introduced to Pablo Picasso by Robert Capa and, over the course of a lasting friendship, created the most intimate documentation of the final chapter of Picasso's life. In 1957 Picasso was residing in a villa in Cannes where his living and working space blended together into a seamless mixture of life and art.