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Photo of the Week #164

Garry Winogrand

black and white photo shot by Garry Winogrand in 1969 showing a woman smiling and looking down while crossing the street in NYC.

Untitled, 1968
From the Women Are Beautiful portfolio, published 1981


Monday, October 25th, 2021

"Whenever I've seen an attractive woman, I've done my best to photograph her. I don't know if all the women in the photographs are beautiful, but I do know that the women are beautiful in the photographs.

By the term 'attractive woman,' I mean a woman I react to, positively. What do I react to in a woman? I do not mean as a man getting to know a woman, but as a photographer photographing. I know it's not just prettiness or physical dimensions. I suspect that I respond to their energies, how they stand and move their bodies and face. In the end, the photographs are descriptions of poses or attitudes that give an idea, a hint of their energies. After all, I do not know the women in these photographs. Not their names, work, or lives.

'Women Are Beautiful' is a good title for this book because they are."

Garry Winogrand
Austin, Texas 1975
From the introduction to the book WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL, 
Published by LIGHT GALLERY, New York, 1975