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Photo of the Week #190

Miyako Ishiuichi

Black and white close up photograph showing a mail torso with a scar running down the middle.

Scars #22, New York, 1996
Vintage gelatin silver print
Signed and dated on the recto
10 x 8 inches


April 25, 2022
“Scars generally carry a rather negative connotation. They are not shown to others, not exhibited in public, and are to be kept quietly hidden away, or measures are taken so that they won’t be seen—they belong to an extremely private realm. I take photographs of such scars, which are so very like a personal secret."

― from Miyako Ishiuchi’s afterword to the book SCARS, published in 2005 by Sokyusha


Three prints from this series will be available for viewing in our booth (#219) at THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW, as part of our presentation of contemporary Japanese photography. Laurence Miller Gallery was the first New York gallery to exhibit Miyako Ishiuchi’s photography in 1994. 

A print of this image is held in the collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Miyako Ishiuchi’s photography has been collected by the J. Paul Getty Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, among other significant institutions.