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Photo of the Week #198

Anastasia Samoylova

Photo of an aerial street scene reproduced in a book, with coffee, toast and marmalade, and cherries sitting on top.

Breakfast with Ernst Haas 1949, 2017
Digital pigment print
Available 16x16" and 20x20"
Edition 10


June 20, 2022
This delectable scene (within a scene) is from Anastasia Samoylova’s Breakfast With series, in which she pays tribute to iconic photographers amidst the first meal of her day. In this image, we see a reproduction of Ernst Haas’s classic aerial view of a New York City street, circa 1949, intermingling with a cup of coffee, marmalade on toast, and a smattering of cherries. The breakfast foods are all aglow in morning light, and the long shadows in Haas’s photograph suggest that he may have been shooting early in the day as well. The general agreement of the cast shadows in the two scenes allows them to easily blend together—this impression is reinforced by the shared downward point of view. Samoylova’s pictures from this series show us how photography inspires, by opening windows between worlds.