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Photo of the Week #213

Vicente MartĂ­nez Sanz

Warm toned antique photo of a bearded man drinking wine, his eye catches the camera.

Untitled, 1927
Vintage toned bromide print
7 x 5 inches


October 2, 2022
Vincent Martínez Sanz was a lifelong resident of Valencia and this picture reads like an ode to the Spanish wine produced in this Mediterranean region. This charming image is representative of Sanz's work depicting Spanish folkloric scenes in a pictorialist style. As one of the earliest photographers working in Spain, his work is an important document of the fading image of 19th century Valencia, a time of general prosperity which revived local traditions (suppressed by previous Spanish kings) and expanded the region’s orange crops and vineyards. Despite Spain’s relative isolation in the early 20th century, Sanz’s work was recognized in international salons, where his prints were awarded commendations. We’re pleased to be working with the Sanz Estate to illuminate this lesser known chapter of early photographic history.