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Photo of the Week #24

Kerry James Marshall

Kerry James Marshall, Black Beauty (Tyla) 2012

Kerry James Marshall, Black Beauty (Tyla) 2012


February 25, 2019
"Kerry James Marshall's Black Light series are taken under the illumination of an ultraviolet light. Marshall states"...I look at film, video and photography pretty much in the same way as I approach painting - as simple tools to effect (and affect) representation....How then does one photographer distinguish him- or herself from another?  That will depend in the main from the choices the photographer makes, and how he or she chooses to engage with the question of what to photograph, and why a photograph looks the way it does.  And that's where invention comes into play.  So my pictures, and the Black Light photographs in particular, figure in the framework of this exploration that centres on the question as to what causes a photograph to look the way it looks.  Does the quality of light have anything to do with it?  A simple question that quickly becomes a complicated one: do things look the same in 'black' light as they do in 'white' light?'"     

-Excerpted from an interview with Dieter Roelstraete published in KERRY JAMES MARSHALL - PAINTING AND OTHER STUFF, LUDION, 2013