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Photo of the Week #240

Raїssa Venables

Color composite photo of a doorframe looking into a bathroom saturated with red and green color.

Red Room Green, 2000
Archival Pigment Print
42 x 17 inches
Edition 10


April 9, 2023
When viewing the composite photos made by Raissa Venables—works which are achieved by photographing a location from a variety of vantage points—it's natural to focus on the spatial distortions created by her working methods. After spending time with her captivating work, it becomes clear that color is also key to her depictions of space. In this early picture, the essential elements of her work are already in place, as the image offers a spatial sense that is dramatic, enveloping, and saturated with color. The photograph transforms a personal living space into a cocoon-like enclosure, warmed and permeated by outside light.