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Photo of the Week #243

Rodrigo Valenzuela

Black and white pothook a assemblage sculpture with black anbstract linear drawing surrounding it.

Weapons#33, 2022
Silkscreen print, acrylic, and collaged time cards on canvas
48 x 60 inches


The Print Center in Philadelphia is currently presenting Workforce, a solo exhibition by Rodrigo Valenzuela. In this show the Chilean-born artist uses a wide variety of materials and methodologies to examine issues around the future of work, including labor unions, protest, and immigration. Works from the Weapons series evoke the Latin American surrealism of Wilfredo Lam, who used his work to respond to the ongoing colonial oppression of Afro-Cuban people. Valenzuela similarly uses mythic forms to express political realities and speculative futures.

Print Center Executive Director Liz Spungen states:

"The Print Center is honored to bring the work of the outstanding artist Rodrigo Valenzuela to Philadelphia for the first time. His work makes a powerful contribution to current photographic practice as well as to discourse on immigration, labor and privilege."