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Photo of the Week #271

Toshio Shibata

Color photogrpah of water spilling over a dam and into a reservoir.

Nikkō City, Tochigi Prefecture, 2013
Type-c print
20 × 24 / 32 ×40 / 40 ×50 inches


November 13, 2023
This compelling photograph was among three works by Toshio Shibata selected by the Denver Art Museum for inclusion in their 2018 exhibition New Territory: Landscape Photography Today, a global survey of contemporary landscape photography. Shibata’s focus on engineered landscapes was a perfect fit for a show that explored how contemporary landscape photography reflects the topography of our times. This photograph offers a modern perspective on an area in Japan's mountainous northern region that is best known for its ancient Shintō shrines. A print of this image is now part of the Denver Art Museum’s permanent collection