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Photo of the Week #41

Simone Rosenbauer

Simone Rosenbauer: Like Ice in the Sunshine

Simone Rosenbauer: Like Ice in the Sunshine


June 18, 2019
Simone Rosenbauer takes the happy simplicity of a popsicle in the sun to capture moments loved and lost, to dwell on ephemeral experiences, and to chart the strength - and frailty - of changing identities. Following an original series done in Sydney, Australia, in 2014, the artist was invited to expand the series via an artist's residency in Venice Beach, California in 2016. Leaving the natural sun to shape a mix of perennially loved "paddle pops" (as they are called in Australia, where the artist now lives), ice becomes liquid, pooling around the melting whole. Colors merge, others separate, some slip away from their host. Flaking, sloughing, gently seeping - each and every one tells a different tale, and draws a smile.