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Photo of the Week #5

Daniel Ranalli

Daniel Ranalli, Photogram No. 19, 1979/2017

Daniel Ranalli, Photogram No. 19, 1979/2017


October 10, 2018
Dan Ranalli describes his process for the Photograms he made between 1975 and 1984:
"In technical terms, the photogram is one of the simplest and most elemental forms of photography. It uses no camera, no negative and therefore each "print" is unique. Typically one places objects on sensitized photographic paper in the darkroom - a light source is then turned on for a few seconds - flashing the uncovered paper. The sheet of photographic paper is developed in the conventional manner and the paper turns dark where it has been exposed, leaving ghostly, white, life-sized images of the objects that were placed on it. It is all a bit like drawing with invisible ink..."

In 2017, employing digital techniques not even imaginable in 1979, Ranalli made a digital scan of the early 16 x 20 inch unique photogram, enabling him to make archival inkjet enlargements 50 x 40 inches, in a limited edition of 5 plus 2 AP. Price starts at $7800 framed.