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Photo of the Week #96

Neal Slavin

Neal Slavin, Staff of the Statue of Liberty, 1973

Neal Slavin, Staff of the Statue of Liberty, 1973


Jul 6, 2020
"I made this picture in 1973, a time of great turbulence over the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement here in the United States. I made it for my series of group portraits titled WHEN TWO OR MORE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER, which was about America. I thought no series of images about America could be complete without Lady Liberty. But I wanted to pay homage to the people who worked there as well, and this picture was the result. The formal name for this picture is the Staff of the Statue of Liberty. I grew up in New York always familiar with the Lady rising up on Bedloe's Island, but in 1956 the island was renamed Liberty Island. But no matter what name you call the island, The Lady stands firm and resolute in her call for Freedom and Equality for all Americans. Let's never forget that!"
-Neal Slavin, July 4, 2020