July 8 - August 19, 2010

PAST (PRESENT) FUTURE II   Group Selection

Peter Bialobrzeski, Paradise Now #18, 2008Opening July 8 Laurence Miller Gallery will feature highlights from our previous exhibition season, along with a preview of the season to come. One of New York City's greatest treasures is the sheer number of galleries showing art, and trying to see everything they have to offer is one of her greatest frustrations.  In addition, museums, non-profits, teaching institutions and graduate shows compete for visibility, making it easy to miss even the most highly-publicized shows. For this reason, we have chosen to dedicate a portion of the summer schedule to the best of our shows that were wonderfully conceived and received, and a preview of those that are on the horizon.

Highlights from upcoming shows include water imagery from Jessica Backhaus's series I Wanted to See the World;  a selection of images from Ojos Privados (Private Eyes), Laurence Miller's private collection; and images by Bruce Wrighton in anticipation of his upcoming exhibition and monograph.

Highlights of the season gone by will include: color and black-and-white photographs by Helen Levitt from her acclaimed Memorial Tribute show, along with First Proofs from the equally acclaimed New York Photographs city-wide initiative;  a new landscape by Peter Bialobrzeski from his series Paradise Now, referencing our Abstracted Landscape show; extraordinary Ray Metzker photographs from the AutoMagic show, along with an important and newly-acquired Nude Composite from 1966 also by Metzker; an image from Stephane Couturier's extraordinary Barcelona Parallel series; a rare Maggie Taylor Girl with a Bee Dress; exhilarating images from the major debut of Denis Darzacq's Hyper series; and of course the wildly popular Philippe Halsman's  JUMP

In this age of so little time to see so much, the Past (Present) Future shows give us the opportunity to continue to keep our artists in the public eye, reward viewers who did not catch things the first time around, and offer a preview of extraordinary things to come.

 A Selection of 12 from the exhibition

Denis Darzacq, Hyper #4, 2007

Denis Darzacq
Hyper No.4
, 2007
40 x 50" c-print, edition 8


Denis Darzacq, Hyper #18, 2008

Denis Darzacq
Hyper No.18
, 2008
50 x 40" c-print, edition 8



Stephane Couturier,  Barcelona, Avenidad Parallel #2

Stephane Couturier
 Barcelona, Avenidad Parallel #2
42 x 54" c-print, edition 5
Signed and editioned on verso

Helen Levitt, New York, c.1939

Helen Levitt
New York
, c.1939
8 x 10" vintage silver print
Signed on verso




Peter Bialobrzeski, Paradise Now #18, 2008

Peter Bialobrzeski
Paradise Now # 18
, 2008
50.5 x 63.5" c-print, edition 7





Philippe Halsman, Audrey Hepburn

Philippe Halsman
Audrey Hepburn, 1955

20 x 16" silver print
Stamped on verso



Jessica Backhaus, Untitled #6, I Wanted to See the World, 2007

Jessica Backhaus
Untitled # 6
, 2007
I Wanted to See the World

30 x 40" c-print, edition 8




 Burk Uzzle
White Water Nash
Appalachia, 2009
40 x 30" c-print, edition 10




Bruce Wrighton, Collage, c.1985

 Bruce Wrighton
Collage, c.1985
10 x 8" vintage type c-print

Ray K. Metzker, Nude Composite, 1966/1984

Ray K. Metzker
Nude Composite, 1966/1984
32.5 x 21.5" c-print, edition # 9/20


Maggie Taylor, Bee Dress, 2004

 Maggie Taylor
Girl with a Bee Dress
, 2004
42 x 42" pigment inkjet print
Signed, titled, dated, edition on recto

 DoDo Jin Ming, Free Element, Plate XXX, 2002

DoDo Jin Ming
Free Element, Plate XXX
, 2002
30 x 40" c-print, edition 10
Signed and editioned on verso






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