June 6 - July 28, 2011


Opening Monday June 6 Laurence Miller Gallery will present its third annual summer exhibition, Past (Present) Future III. The exhibition features recent work by gallery artists, highlights from our previous shows, and a preview of the season to come.

Two of the most frequently asked questions during gallery exhibitions are: "Did I miss the (fill-in-the-blank) show?" and "What is your next show?"
PPF III answers those questions. Because it is virtually impossible to see everything one wants in New York we have chosen to devote our summer schedule to the best from our shows of the past year and to work that is either brand new or has not yet been shown in a gallery context. The emphasis this year will be on search and discovery, and what’s new, with most of the artwork being part of a body of work that is just beginning to emerge from the artist's repertoire.

Simone Rosenbauer, featured in the recent cutting edge exhibition reGeneration at APERTURE, travels Australia in search of small private museums. Her Surfboard Museum is a whimsical study of cultural preservation. Ray K. Metzker explores his home neighborhood in search of marvelous reflections on cars, which he calls his “Autowackies.”  Stephane Couturier's brilliantly colored building façades from Brasilia and Barcelona employ digital technology to create architecture we could not discover otherwise. While cruising around the barren regions of west Texas, Burk Uzzle arose at sunset to capture the stark and quiet temple to consumerism, a Prada store replica near Marfa. Jessica Backhaus continues her search for the traces of our lives and our loves, photographing intimate objects like super-saturated clothespins and converting them into Oldenburg-like objects. Denis Darzacq captures people aloft contrasted against carpeting and toiletries. DoDo Jin Ming transforms the sea into mysterious abstractions printed on handmade paper. And Toshio Shibata's zen-like images taken at night reveal what the eye cannot see.

 A Selection of 15 images from the exhibition


Denis Darzacq
Hyper No.3
, 2008
50 x 40" c-print, edition 8



Denis Darzacq
Hyper No.21
, 2009
50 x 40" c-print, edition 8




Stephane Couturier
 Barcelona, Avenidad Parallel #2
42 x 54" c-print, edition 5
Signed and editioned on verso

Jessica Backhaus
, 2010
30 x 40" c-print, edition 8




Toshio Shibata
Tainai City

Niigata Prefecture, 2009
20 x 24" c-print, edition 25



DoDo Jin Ming

Burnt Water Melting I, 2002

16 x 20" inkjet print
Edition 15



Ray K. Metzker
Philadelphia, Autowakies, 2009
20 x 16" silver print, edition 10



Simone Rosenbauer
Apple and Heritage Museum, 2010
20 x 20" c-print, edition 8




Simone Rosenbauer
Surf World Museum, 2009
16 x 20" c-print, edition 8

Burk Uzzle
Desert Prada, Texas, 2006
40 x 50" c-print, edition 10




Peter Bialobrzeski
Case Study Home # 28, Manila, 2008
11 x 14" c-print, edition 9

Stephane Couturier
Melting Point, Toyota # 03, 2006
38 x 51" c-print, edition 8




Toshio Shibata
Okawa Village
Kochi Prefecture
, 2009
20 x 24" c-print, edition 25

Sameer Makarius
Buenos Aires, 1960s
12 x 18" inkjet print


Bruce Wrighton
Young Man
Binghamton, NY, 1987
8 x 10" vintage c-print



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