March 9 - April 29

 Toshio Shibata  Reclamation

Laurence Miller Gallery is pleased to present Reclamation, the Gallery's sixth exhibition of photographs by Japanese artist Toshio Shibata. In a departure from his earlier series of landscapes printed in black and white, Reclamation features ten recent large-scale works, all made in color and all taken in Japan. The title of the show reflects the Japanese desire to maintain harmony with nature: although man imposes his structures on the land, nature is encouraged to proliferate over the structures and reclaim its ultimate authority.

This new work becomes a bridge between minimal abstraction and the traditional romantic landscape. In Takane Village , Gifu Prefecture, Japan 2003, a lush, wooded mountainside is transformed by a large, white structure as sturdy as a Sol Lewitt sculpture, yet as delicate as an insect's wing. In another view, a river gently flowing over a dam becomes a Rothko-like colorfield abstraction, green against white against brown. Despite the heightened realism of color photography, Shibata has been successful in maintaining a strong sense of abstraction and mystery.

Since 1971, Toshio Shibata (born 1949) has exhibited his photographs internationally. He has had one person shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the Sprengel Museum, Hanover; the Centre National de la Photographie, Paris; the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Kawasaki City Museum, Japan. He has been widely collected, and has many books published on his work, including View: Visions of Japan, Landscape, Terra, and Dam.  He presently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. 

 All artworks available as 40 x 50" C-prints, edition 10.

Otaki Village, Saitama Prefecture, 2003




Otaki Village, Saitama Prefecture , 2003

Takane Village
Gifu Prefectur
e, 2003

Kiso Village, Nagano Prefecture , 2003

Naguri Village, Saitama Prefecture, 2003



Otaki Village, Saitama Prefecture, 2004

Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 2005

Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 2005

Otaki Village, Nagano Prefecture, 2005




Otaki Village, Nagano
Prefecture, 2005





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Toshio Shibata Toshio Shibata




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