September 6 - October 27, 2007

Burk Uzzle Woodstock: 12 Vintage Photographs

Laurence Miller Gallery inaugurates its fall season on September 6 when Burk Uzzle fills the entire space with his unique view of the persons, places and oddities that define the singular and diverse character of America. The main gallery will feature Uzzle’s first series in color, taken from his new monograph Just Add Water; in the smaller room, the carbon prints of the home of the assemblage artist, John Herrmann; and on a singular wall twelve iconic, rare, vintage prints taken at Woodstock during the summer of love. The disparate nature of these three visions is best understood in Vicki Goldberg ’s introduction to the book: 

   He’s conducted a visual love affair with America for years. Uzzle likes her funny face and doesn’t want her to change a hair for him. He sympathizes with her bad moods, her tragedies, her rather glaring imperfections, her obstreperous beauty, her unlikely aspirations. He is as fond of, and amused by, a bush having a really bad hair day at the side of the road as he is of a tree that ate a bicycle and couldn’t digest it.

Burk Uzzle grew up in the south, began working at the age of 14, got his first full-time job as a photographer at age 17, became LIFE’s first contract photographer at age 23, and has twice been elected president of Magnum. In spite of, or because of, his intrepid nature—he has traveled throughout America and Europe many times—he has said it is the small towns and ordinary places that interest him most. In Just Add Water: America in Color, Uzzle shares his love of and fondness for the American landscape and her people in an extraordinary way, by photographing the most unlikely people and things: a wall of gum in Seattle, a plastic Santa on a porch in Florida, POPEYE spelled out in wreaths in a cemetery in North Carolina.

The carbon prints of John Herrmann’s home are the 21st century version of a 19th century process, the most truly permanent and tonally vibrant of all extant color processes. The richness of their production enhances the extraordinary quality and quirkiness of the imagery to make for a truly astounding rendition of the artist’s obsessive collections-- in full, living, breathing, glorious color.

    Group 1  Just Add Water: America in Color   |   Group 2  Woodstock: 12 Vintage Photographs   |   Group 3  John Herrmann Series

    All images 8 x 10" vintage gelatin silver prints except where noted.


Couple, 1969
20 x 30" carbon print, edition 10























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