The Big Apple

From Tycoons to Raccoons

January 7 – February 25, 2017

Miguel Ángel García View from the Empire State Building, Looking South, 2013
Kenneth Snelson Brooklyn Bridge, 1980
Sylvia Plachy Baseball Plié, 1982
Linda Troeller Hot Chelsea, 2000
Luca Campigotto Empire State Building looking North, 2011
Edward Steichen J. Pierpont Morgan, Esq., 1903
Hillary Swift Raccoons Central Park, 2016
Remodel 10th Floor Suite, Chelsea Hotel, 2007
Berenice Abbott New York at Night, 1932 (printed c. 1980)
Wendell MacRae Snow by Fountain, Rockefeller Center, 1930s
Kenneth Snelson East River Drive with Brooklyn Bridge, 1980
Anton Bruehl Penn Station, 1926
Lisette Model Fifth Avenue (window reflections), c. 1940
Neal Slavin Sabrett Hot Dog Vendors, NYC, 1974
Helen Levitt New York City (child and man with box), 1972
Garry Winogrand Two women dressed as twins, Central Park, NYC
Diane Arbus Woman Carrying Child in Central Park, 1956
Louis Faurer 14th Street, NYC, 1947 (printed 1991)
Garry Winogrand Central Park Zoo (couple and seals), c. 1963 (pr 1970s)
Laurence Miller Flatiron Building, 1975
Berenice Abbott Herald Square, 34th St., 1936
Steven Hirsch Anthousai (from the series Gowanus Waters), 2014
Dave Heath Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, 1958
Dave Heath Washington Square, NYC, 1960
Berenice Abbott Fulton Street Dock, circa 1936
Val Telberg NYC
Berenice Abbott
Kenneth Sneslon Times Square, 1980
Betsy Karel Times Square
Betsy Karel Times Square
Kazuo Sumida New York Subway - W. 28th Street, 1995
Kenneth Sneslon Sixth Avenue, West Side (17th St to 22nd St), 1979
Wendell MacRae Last View of New York, July 1949
Wendell Macrae Window Washer, 1936
Robert Frank Medals, San Gennaro, New York City, 1951 ( printed later)
Lou Stoumen Times Square, 1979
Louis Faurer New York City, NY (Three Godfathers), 1948 (printed 1980)
Kenneth Snelson WTC Jersey Shore
Evelyn Hofer Central Park, 1965
Dave Heath Drowning Scene, Central Park, NYC, 1957
Jefferson Hayman Central Park Nocturne, 2014
Weegee Summer, Lower East Side, ca. 1937
Sylvia Plachy Dancing Seals, 2005
Steven Hirsch Rhode (from the series Gowanus Waters), 2014
Steven Hirsch Hephaestus (from the series Gowanus Waters), 2014
Wendell MacRae Central Park at Night from the RCA Building, 1930
Paul Strand New York, fifth Avenue, 1916

Press Release

Laurence Miller Gallery is pleased to present THE BIG APPLE: From Tycoons to Raccoons, featuring over 60 photographs by more than 30 photographers made between 1902 and 2016, celebrating the diversity and energy of New York City.  The show title embraces both the earliest and the most recent works in the show:  a rare 1903 portrait of the tycoon J.P. Morgan by Edward Steichen, in contrast to a charming view of a family of raccoons in Central Park by Hilary Swift, taken this December.

Much like Manhattan itself, the show will be organized by neighborhood and geography.  Central Park is a central theme, and along with Swift’s raccoons will be twins by Garry Winogrand, dancing polar bears by Sylvia Plachy, a drowning scene by Dave Heath, and a brooding woman holding a child by Diane Arbus.

Manhattan as an island is another theme, dominated by three nine-foot panoramas by Kenneth Snelson, featuring the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center, and the FDR Drive.  They will be surrounded by early 20th century views of ferries and ships by Alfred Stieglitz and Wendell MacRae, and recent color abstractions of the Gowanus Canal by Steven Hirsch.

The Empire State Building looms large, a platform for half a dozen bird’s-eye views, including Berenice Abbott’s classic New York at Night and Luca Campigotto’s View Looking North, both capturing the density and the radiance of the city at night. In an unusual treatment, Miguel Angel Garcia’s southern view reveals our unique skyline punctuated with water towers.

Midtown is anchored by another Kenneth Snelson panorama of Times Square, in stark contrast to the tender intimacies portrayed by Betsy Karel. Many other neighborhoods are covered by photographers such as Robert Frank, Louis Faurer,Weegee, Helen Levitt, Jefferson Hayman, Neal Slavin, Lisette Model and others.

Linda Troeller is represented by several colorful interiors on view from her recent monograph LIVING IN THE CHELSEA HOTEL.

The show is dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Snelson who died on December 22nd, 2016 at his home in Manhattan. He was 89. We are very pleased to be able to honor his memory and present his stunning panoramic photographs of New York City.