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Celebrating Laurence Miller Gallery's 33rd year

Highlights and unique opportunities from our gallery inventory

May 4 – June 9, 2017

Ray Metzker City Drillers II, 1966/1983
Ray Metzker Gumball, 1966/1990
Ray Metzker Composites: Subscape
Ray Metzker Composites: Subscape
Classic Portfolios
Transitions install Laurence Miller Gallery
Denis Darzacq La Chute Nº3
Miguel Ángel García View from the Empire State Building, Looking South, 2013
Kenneth Snelson Brooklyn Bridge, 1980
Kenneth Sneslon Sixth Avenue 1979
Kazuo Sumida A Story of the NYC Subway, W 28th St, 2002
Michael Spano Vertical Subway, 1988
Helen Levitt NYC
Bruce Wrighton Glenwood Diner, 1987
Luca Campigotto Hong Kong
Luca Campigotto Hong Kong, 2016
Fred Herzog Crossing Powell 2 1984
Berenice Abbott Herald Square, 34th St., 1936
Toshio Shibata Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture 2007
Luca Campigotto Cambodia 2006
Toshio Shibata Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, 2016
Toshio Shibata Itsuke Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, 2015
Simone Rosenbauer Like Ice in the Sunshine 2014
Peter Bialobrzeski Heimat 19
Simone Rosenbauer Like Ice in the Sunshine 2016
Burk Uzzle Woodstock (Ercolines), 1969
Amy Ritter II Li'l Wolf Circle
Helen Levitt Broken Mirror, NYC
Liz Nielsen Dinosaur Egg 2014
Liz Nielsen Still Life, 2014
Liz Nielsen Totem 1, 2014
Daniel Ranalli Photogram Nº7, 1979
Daniel Rannali Photogram Nº19, 1979
Will Brown South Street Storefront, 1973
Toshio Shibata Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture 2013
Xinhua News Agency Archive, Beijing circa 1970
Larry Burrows Reaching Out, Vietnam, 1966
Petah Coyne Monks
DoDo Jin Ming Behind My Eyes plate I