November 4 – December 23, 2017

Wendell MacRae

Looking up at Rockefeller Center and Prometheus (1934 gilded cast bronze sculpture by Paul Manship)

Wendell MacRae Atlas Holding the Heavens 1938

Atlas Holding the Heavens, 1938 (sculpture by Lee Lawrie and Rene Paul Chambellan)

Wendell MacRae Construction Rockefeller Center

Construction Rockefeller Center

Wendell MacRae

Construction Rockefeller Center

Wendell MacRae RCA Building

RCA Building

RCA Building

Construction Workers atop Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center as seen from the below the Sixth Ave El 

Wendell Macrae 1939 Worlds Fair

1939 Worlds Fair

Wendell Macrae

Window Washer, 1936

Cab Calloway perfroming at The Cotton Club

Wendall MacRaeRadio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall

Wendell MacRae The Beresford, 211 Central Park West,

"Summer in NY" The Beresford, 211 Central Park West,

Wendell MacRae

"Gothic & Modern" St. Patricks Cathedral & Rockefeller Center (51st St looking East)

Wendell MacRae Hands of The Roxyettes, Radio City Music Hall

Hands of The Roxyettes, Radio City Music Hall

Wendell MacRae Roxy Orchestra, Radio City

"The Fortissimo Corner" Drums, Roxy Orchestra, Radio City

Bleachers at Yale Bowl - "Fod God, for Country, and for Yale"

Lee Lawrie carving the limestone lelief installed above the 29 West 50th Street entrance

Wendell MacRae

Typewriters, Packard Secretarial School
circa 1933
vintage gelatin silver print
9.5 x 8"

Wendell Macrae RCA Building

RCA Building Leaning on its Elbow
Circa 1937

Unique photomontage of Rockefeller Center for print

Wendell MacRae Waldorf Astoria

Photo collage with the Waldorf Astoria

Press Release

Laurence Miller Gallery is pleased to present ROCK – PAPER – SCISSORS, an exhibition featuring forty rare vintage black and white photographs by Wendell MacRae, all made during the 1930’s. These images capture New York City as it emerged from the Depression and experienced an extraordinary building boom, from the completion of the Empire State Building to the massive Rockefeller Center project, completed in 1940.

After an exhibition of his early Modernist work at the pioneering Julien Levy Gallery in 1932, MacRae was hired in 1934 to record the construction of Rockefeller Center, in which he was provided studio space

Among the most striking prints in the exhibition is his large print titled ATLAS, from 1938, featuring the towering bronze sculpture by Lee Lawrie and Rene Paul Chambellan that sits in front of Rockefeller Center on Fifth Avenue and depicts the ancient Greek god Atlas holding the heavens. More intimate views feature the Roxyettes, later to become the Rockettes, performing at Radio City Music Hall, as well as a closeup of Cab Calloway performing at the Cotton Club.