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Paris Photo Revisited

January 7 – February 27, 2016

Ray K. Metzker Unique macquette for Sailor, 1964
Ray K. Metzker Philadelphia, 1963
Fred Herzog  My Room, Harwood St  1958
Toshio Shibata Nikko City,Tochigi Prefecture (C-2245), 2013
Andy Warhol  Arches  1976-1986  sewn photographs
Denis Darzacq and Anna Lüneman DoubleMix No. 29, 2015
Denis Darzacq and Anna Lüneman DoubleMix No. 35, 2015
Ray K. Metzker Nude, 1966-1974
Simone Rosenbauer  Like Ice in the Sunshine  2014
Helen Levitt New York (FRESH EGGS), c. 1939
Burk Uzzle Desert Prada, 2007
Edward J. Steichen J. Pierpont Morgan, Esq., 1903  gum bichromate over platinum print
Christopher Rauschenberg  Marche aux Puces, Saint-Ouen, 2008
Will Brown  Marie's Bar, Philadelphia 1973
Will Brown  Bainbridge & Orianna St, Philadelphia 1972
David Graham  Route 64 West of Route 89, AZ, 1986
Bruce Wrighton  Glenwood Bar and Restaurant, Binghamton NY, 1986
Bruce Wrighton  Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Binghamton, NY, 1986
Diane Arbus 1970-71
Diane Arbus NYC Central Park 1956
Ray K. Metzker Faces VI, 1966
Luca Campigotto  View from the Empire State Building Looking South, 2011
Luca Campigotto  View from the Empire State Building Looking North, 2011
Michael Spano  Vertical Subway, 1978
Kazuo Sumida
DoDo Jin Ming  Behind My Eyes, 1st Movement
Miguel Angel García  Notes for a Planet, 2006

Press Release

Laurence Miller launches its 2016 program with PARIS PHOTO REVISITED, a reinstallation of our stand at last month’s Paris Photo.

After 19 years, Paris Photo has become the largest and most prestigious of all the art fairs worldwide devoted to photography. However, the fair was unexpectedly cut short this year. In the wake of the terrorist attacks that struck the heart of Paris on the night of Friday, November 13th, the French Ministry of Culture closed all public buildings in Paris, including the Grand Palais, where PARIS PHOTO was being held. Approximately 25,000 visitors had been expected at the show that weekend.

PARIS PHOTO REVISITED provides a unique opportunity to view the works that had been on exhibit at our stand, paying tribute to the many artists who made great efforts to produce and deliver the works we had on display, and the consignors who generously lent us works for sale.