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Simone Rosenbauer's latest series, Like Ice in the Sunshine evokes joy and elusiveness simultaneously. In each work, a Popsicle is centered on a different DayGlo colored background. The pictures are sugary pop confections that seduce with their radiant artificial color. Each shows an idyllic summer treat with all the heightened power of commercial product photography, but this ideal is literally melting before our eyes. With this one simple motif, Rosenbauer deftly evokes both the joy, and the ephmerality, of youthful summer months.

Simone Rosenbauer's series Small Museum investigates a large variety of small museums and their caretakers throughout rural Australia, culminating in a body of collective imagery and conversations. This series attests to the human imperative to collect, archive, sustain and display objects for public consumption. Throughout Australia small museums proliferate, often founded and operated by a single individual to serve the local community by preserving and commemorating an event or trauma, particularly where the human diaspora and issues of colonization are experienced. The archive of SMALL MUSEUM consists of portraits of the museum founders, exteriors of the museums themselves, interiors, and specific details which Rosenbauer calls her Cabinet of Curiosities.