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January  12 - February  24th

January 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Ray K. Metzker’s  ground  breaking solo show of twelve Composites at The Museum of Modern Art. Curated by  John Szarkowski , the Composites  were hailed at the time for their ability to achieve both unprecedented scale and modernist intricacy using the traditional tools of photography.

Metzker stated in the MoMA press release:  "Where photography has been primarily a process of selection and extraction, I wish to investigate the possibilities of synthesis...I intend the elements to be presented for simultaneous a mosaic or mural."

To celebrate this anniversary Laurence Miller Gallery presents five important examples of Ray Metzker’s timely exploration:  Four Composites and a unique 1957 print from a multiply exposed negative that anticipates the historic project to come.  On view in the gallery through February 24th.